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Washington Redskins football team potato mascot

Thu Oct 23 08:57:53 PDT 2013

Over the years it has been occasionally suggested that the Washington Redskins NFL team change their mascot to a red potato. Originally proposed by sports enthusiast Don Connolly in 1992, the option has been discussed more recently by vegetarian advocates.

Washington Redskins football team potato mascot

The team mascot has featured a stately member of an indigenous American tribe. In culturally aware times, a healthy discussion has been prompted regarding the efficacy of using native imagery for commercial logo purposes. Fans have proposed alternate names such as the "Washington Renegades", or the "Washington Senators". An animal rights group, PETA, came up with a novel solution which promotes vegetable food sources while maintaining the current name of the team.

With the proposed idea, a new mascot could be redesigned as a potato. A red-skinned potato is high in antioxidants, vitamin C, carbohydrates, and other nutrients. Football players burn lots of calories on the field, and could refuel by eating delicious red potatoes. They would also benefit from the generous levels of potassium found in potatoes, which is vital for cell health and nerve impulse transmission.

Vegetables in popular culture could also lead to greater consumption of them. Perhaps we can throw the potato skin around the yard.

Whatever the preference of our readers, we at Red Potato Recipes wish everyone the best and encourage an environment of good sportsmanship and cultural awareness.

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