Red Potato Recipes


Tubers are round, frequently with red areas around the eyes. It has deep red eyes and white flesh. High yielding variety with low specific gravity. Suggested use: fresh, boil, bake. (1)

  • Origin & Breeding:bred from the cross (Triumph x Minn. 4-16) at the Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station,St.Paul, Minnesota, in 1927.
  • Maturity:very early


High yielding variety; low specific gravity.

  • Utilization:good for boiling and baking; not suitable for chips.
  • Chief Market:early fresh market.


  • Plants:medium sized, spreading; stems thick, prominently angled; nodes slightly swollen, slightly mottled reddish purple; wings moderately prominent, straight double.
  • Leaves:dark green, semi-open; midribs and petioles green, scantly pubescent.
    Terminal leaflets: large, broadly ovate; tip obtuse; base truncate.
    Primary leaflets: four to five pairs, medium to large, thick, ovate.
    Secondary leaflets: in three position: on midrib between pairs of primary leaflets, at junction of midrib and petiolules, on petiolules.
  • Flowers:few; pale lavender corolla; yellow-orange anthers; buds slightly pigmented; calyx lobes short, tips straight, slightly pigmented, abundantly pubescent.
  • Tubers:round; buff skin, frequently with reddish areas around the eyes; deep red eyes; white flesh.
  • Sprouts:reddish purple


Susceptible:leaf roll, blackleg,PVM,PVS,PVX,PVY, common scab, verticillium wilt, late blight, fusarium dry rot.
Very susceptible:rhizoctonia. (2)



  1. ^ Washington State University.
  2. ^ Canadian Food Inspection Agency.
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