Red Potato Recipes


Tubers are oval to oblong with smooth red skin and shallow eyes, evenly distributed. It has eyebrows slightly prominent and light yellow flesh. High to very high yielding variety with high number of tubers per plant with very good resistance to external damage. It has good storability with high dry matter content. Suggested use: fresh. (1)

  • Origin & Breeding:bred by Z.P.C. & A. from the cross (Morene x WAL 77-139) in Walsma (The Netherlands), in 1980.
  • Maturity:medium late


High to very high yielding variety; high number of tubers per plant; very good resistance to external damage; good storability; high dry matter content.

  • Utilization:firm to fairly firm cooked texture; none to trace after cooking blackening, very good for baking and boiling.
  • Chief Market:fresh market.


  • Plants:medium to tall, erect to semi-erect; stems very strongly pigmented; wings prominent, waved single; nodes slightly to moderately swollen, moderately pigmented.
  • Leaves:dark green, semi-open; midribs strongly pubescent and very strongly pigmented; petioles very strongly pigmented.
    Terminal leaflet: fused with the first pair of primary leaflets giving it an irregular shape; tip acute; base cordate and very slightly asymmetrical; medium to strongly wavy margins.
    Primary leaflets: five pairs; small; narrowly ovate, tip acute; base cordate and very slightly asymmetrical.
  • Flowers:moderately numerous; buds moderately to strongly pigmented; rather small red-violet corolla, moderately prominent star; bright yellow anthers; peduncle very strongly pigmented.
  • Tubers:oval to oblong; smooth red skin; shallow eyes, evenly distributed; eyebrows slightly prominent; light yellow flesh.
  • Sprouts:spherical; blue-violet; base glabrous, very strongly pigmented; apex semi-open, weakly to moderately pigmented, weakly pubescent.


Immune:potato wart (race 1).
Highly resistant:PVA,PVX,PVY, tobacco rattle virus, common scab, golden nematode (G. rostochiensisrace 1).
Moderately resistant:leaf roll, late blight, phoma rot. (2)



  1. ^ Washington State University.
  2. ^ Canadian Food Inspection Agency.
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