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High antioxidant potatoes developed at Basque Institute

Fri Apr 26 03:04:45 PDT 2013

Vitamin rich and disease resistant potatoes have been developed and successfully cloned at the Basque Institute for Agricultural Research and Development in Spain.

Vitamin Rich Potatoes Basque Institute

The new strains of potato were bred using specimens from South America and Europe. Parents of the new potatoes were selected for their desirable traits and cross pollinated. Vitamin content, antioxidant levels, and ability to resist disease were factors used in the selection process.

Potatoes are a staple food for much of the world. They are delicious, but often it is necessary to eat a variety of other vegetables to stay healthy. Vitamin rich potatoes will provide more dietary options for everyone, including areas where potatoes are a primary food crop.

Visit the Basque Institute for more information on their scientific developments.

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