Red Potato Recipes


Tubers are oval, rather regular, shallow eyes, red skin, and yellow flesh. Popular gourmet variety, especially in Europe. (1)

  • Origin & Breeding:bred from the cross (Urgenta x Depesche) made by ZPC in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, in 1951.
  • Maturity:mid-season to late.


High yielding variety, uniform in grading; tubers can become irregular under heavy soil and high moisture conditions; good resistance to growth cracks, hollow heart, internal and external bruising, and drought; rather short dormancy period; good storability; medium specific gravity.

  • Utilization:good for boiling; suitable for frying and chipping.
  • Chief Markets:fresh market, seed export.


  • Plants:low to medium height, semi-erect to spreading, vigorous; stems are thick, unbranched and bent at the nodes; nodes and internodes are red-purple; wings are large, straight and pigmented.
  • Leaves:matt grey-green, open, moderately long, rigid; midribs and petioles wholly coloured red-purple except green on the undersides.
    Primary leaflets: oval with long tips; midribs and petiolules pigmented.
    Secondary leaflets: few and cordate.
  • Flowers:numerous; large pink corolla with white tips and greenish white star; long reddish peduncles.
  • Tubers:long to oval, medium to large; smooth red skin; medium-deep to shallow eyes; pale yellow flesh.
  • Sprouts:cylindrical, very pubescent; base pink, strongly pigmented; apex slightly pigmented.


Immune:potato wart (race 1).
Resistant:skin spot.
Good resistance:PVY, tuber late blight, blackleg.
Moderately resistant:PVA,PVX, fusarium dry rot.
Moderately susceptible:leaf late blight, leaf roll.
Susceptible:common scab. (2)



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