Red Potato Recipes


Tubers are oblong, thick, narrowing at the bud end with smooth red purple skin or heavily stippled red purple on a tan background. It has numerous medium deep eyes the same colour as the skin or deep indigo and creamy white flesh. High yielding variety and attractive appearance. It is widely adapted and easily topkilled. It grades well with few culls and stores well. High total solids. (1)

  • Origin & Breeding:bred by Agriculture Canada from (F55066 x USDA96-56) and selected at the Fredericton Research Station, New Brunswick, in 1969.
  • Maturity:early.


High yielding variety; attractive appearance; widely adapted; easily topkilled; grades well with few culls; stores well. Medium specific gravity.

  • Utilization:fair to good for boiling and baking, fair for chipping.
  • Chief Markets:seed potato export and early fresh market.


  • Plants:medium-sized, spreading; stems splashed with purple especially on lower parts; nodes not swollen.
  • Leaves:close, grayish green with purple traces on the petioles and midribs, sparsely pubescent.
    Terminal leaflets: elliptical; tip acuminate; base slightly cordate, sometimes asymmetrical.
    Primary leaflets: elliptical; tip acuminate; base slightly cordate, sometimes asymmetrical; three to five pairs.
    Secondary leaflets: sessile, decurrent, five to fifteen.
  • Flowers:pale purplish blue; tips whitish; purplish blue flower buds.
  • Tubers:oblong, thick, narrowing at the bud end; smooth red-purple skin or heavily stippled red-purple on a tan background; numerous medium-deep eyes the same colour as the skin or deep indigo; creamy white flesh.
  • Sprouts:black purple, conical, densely pubescent.


Moderately resistant:common scab.
Susceptible:fusarium dry rot (Fusarium coeruleumandFusarium sambucinum), late blight, leaf roll, virus Y, phoma rot, potato wart. (2)



  1. ^ Washington State University.
  2. ^ Canadian Food Inspection Agency.
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