Red Potato Recipes

AC Red Island

Tubers are round to oval with bright red skin and shallow eyes. Predominantly apical; creamy white flesh. High yielding variety of medium size tubers. (1)

  • Origin & Breeding:bred by K.G. Proudfoot from the cross (Brigus x Redsen) at the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Atlantic Cool Climate Crop Research Center inSt.John's, Newfoundland. Selected in 1987.
  • Maturity:mid-season


High yielding variety of medium size tubers. Tubers have very good red colour which is retained during storage. High specific gravity.

  • Utilization:good for boiling, baking and french frying.
  • Chief Market:fresh market for red skinned variety.


  • Plants:medium size; upright; stems have purple pigmentation, more intense in younger foliage, especially in side shoots in leaf axils; nodes not swollen; wings prominent.
  • Leaves:dark green, smooth, open; midribs purple, very slightly pubescent; petioles very slightly pigmented and very slightly to not pubescent.
    Terminal leaflets: ovate; tip cuspidate, base asymmetrical.
    Primary leaflets: three to four pairs widely separated; oval.
    Secondary leaflets: few, variable in size, usually large.
    Tertiary leaflets: variable in number, small.
  • Flowers:numerous; lavender corolla, medium size; buds purple, pubescent; yellow anthers; infrequent berries.
  • Tubers:round to oval; bright red skin; shallow eyes, predominantly apical; creamy white flesh.
  • Sprouts:slightly pubescent; red-pink pigmented base; apex green.


Resistant:potato wart (pathotype 2, 8).
Good resistance:late blight.
Moderately resistant:common scab. (2)



  1. ^ Washington State University.
  2. ^ Canadian Food Inspection Agency.
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